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BIPR | Renewable Energy in Latin America: Innovations and Future Prospects
Renewable Energy in Latin America: Innovations and Future Prospects

April 18, 2019 - 18:30


Josefina Stubbs, Deputy Director, ENEL Foundation, Italy

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Renewable Energy in Latin America: Innovations and Future Prospects
Latin America and its New Political and Economic Alliances beyond the Western Hemisphere Series

hosted by Professor Jacqueline Mazza

Josefina Stubbs
Deputy Director, ENEL Foundation, Italy

Josefina Stubbs is a seasoned professional with extensive global and country experience in the area of sustainable development, poverty reduction and inclusion. She has held leading positions at Oxfam, the World Bank, and IFAD.

Stubbs was Associate Vice-President Strategy and Knowledge at IFAD, and was responsible for managing and overseeing the Development Effectiveness, Research and Impact and Global Policy Engagement divisions. She brought together expertise from IFAD and its partners to help developing countries tackle complex challenges in the area of inclusive and sustainable rural development and agriculture.

When Stubbs joined IFAD in 2008, as Regional Director of the Latin America and Caribbean Region, the LAC region lending and advisory services increased substantially, stepping up support for programs and projects aligned with the goals of reducing rural poverty and increasing shared prosperity. Widely recognized innovations led to increased development in rural business and enterprises, greater influence in country policy making, and transfer of knowledge and resources to empower women and other excluded groups.

Before joining IFAD, Stubbs worked in the World Bank Latin America Region for almost a decade, first as Senior Social Development Specialist and then as Sector Leader of the Environment, Rural Development and Social thematic sectors. Prior to this she was with Oxfam, where she began in Oxfam GB as Country Director for the Dominican Republic, then became Director for Southern Africa, and finally Director for Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean Region.

Stubbs obtained her degree in Psychology from the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo and a MSc in Political Science from the Institute of Social Studies in Holland. She has worked and lived in Latin America, the United States, Zimbabwe and Europe.

In November 2018 she joined the Enel Foundation as Deputy Director.
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