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BIPR | Bologna Peacebuilding Forum 2021. Peacebuilding and Climate Change
Bologna Peacebuilding Forum 2021. Peacebuilding and Climate Change

May 18, 2021 - 15:00

Bologna Peacebuilding Forum 2021. Peacebuilding and Climate Change
Organized by the Agency of Peacebuilding, in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe

The third edition of the yearly Bologna Peacebuilding Forum will unpack the complex and still under-scrutinised linkages between climate, the environment and conflict.

This two-day event, organised by the Agency for Peacebuilding (AP) in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe and the New-Med Research Network run by the Istituto Affari Internazionali, will explore ways in which climate change can increase or aggravate situations of conflict. We will also consider how climate change can provide new opportunities for peacebuilding initiatives and peace processes.

In particular, the Forum will examine how shared environmental problems caused by climate change can become a catalyst for conflict but also for potential cooperation, which in turn can help reduce tensions, facilitate trust-building and eventually promote sustainable peace. The need for the inclusion of climate-fragility risks into peacebuilding interventions will also be addressed, by exploring concrete entry points for integrated peacebuilding and climate resilience approaches and programming. A geographic focus on the Mediterranean will be included on day two of the Forum, providing room for an analysis of the Mediterranean as a climate change ‘hotspot', as well as discussion of policy recommendations for improved multilateral action to mitigate the climate emergency in this region.

To see the full programme and register please visit:
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