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Susanna Mancini
Adjunct Professor
Susanna Mancini is Adjunct Professor at SAIS Europe
Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law, University of Bologna

Professor Mancini is Adjunct Professor, SAIS Europe, and Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law, University of Bologna. She is interested in the intersection of law and culture, and particularly in law and religion, gender and the law, reproductive rights, multiculturalism, the multilevel protection of fundamental rights, federalism and secession. She is a Vice-President of the Executive Committee of the International Association of Constitutional Law. Professor Manchini was Senior Fellow at the Italian Academy of Advanced Studies in America at Columbia University (January-April 2018). Professor Mancini has served as visiting professor at Columbia Law School (2020), Hebrew University (Jerusalem) (2018), Fordham School of Law (NYC) (2015), the University of Toulouse, the Central European University (recurrent since 2009), the Interdisciplinary Center (Israel) (2019); also a Floersheimer distinguished fellow and visiting professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School (2008-2016) and a Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow at the European University Institute (2009); an invited speaker at several universities including Yale, Oxford, Columbia, Toronto, Montreal, University College London, and Queen Mary University of London. She holds a PhD, European University Institute (1995) and a JD from the Bologna School of Law (1991). Click here to review Professor Mancini's complete c.v.
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Nationalism, Populism, and the Politics of Religion. Towards an Illiberal Reframing of Fundamental Rights
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  • Multiculturalism and the Human Rights of Women

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