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The Origins of Informality: Why the Legal Foundations of Global Governance Are Shifting, and Why It Matters

February 6, 2023 - 18:30
Charles Roger, Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals, Spain
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Western Sanctions on Iran Signal Fading Hopes for Nuclear Deal
by Sanam Vakil
Jan 30, 2023
China & Asia
Europe & Eurasia
Foreign Policy
International Relations
Middle East & Africa
Security, Strategy, & Statecraft
United States
The Story of Chinese Friendship: A Desperate Russian Propaganda Myth
by Sergey Radchenko
Jan 26, 2023
China & Asia
Conflict Management
Europe & Eurasia
Foreign Policy
International Relations
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The Origins of Informality: Why the Legal Foundations of Global Governance Are Shifting, and Why It Matters
Feb 6
Charles Roger
Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals, Spain
A New State of Mind: Greater Transparency and Accountability in the Middle East and North Africa
Feb 9
Roberta Gatti
World Bank
The EU's Fight Against Corruption in Times of War and Scandal
Feb 13
Michiel Van Hulten
Transparency International EU, Belgium
Multinational Corporation in the Vortex of ESG and Geopolitical Pressures
Feb 16
Bennett Freeman
Bennett Freeman Associates LLC, US
Johns Hopkins SAIS Global Risk Conference - Russia and the West: All Bridges Burned?
Feb 16
Dmitri Alperovitch
Silverado Policy Accelerator
The Political Economy of Authoritarian Populism: The Cases of Hungary and Brazil
Feb 27
Oldrich Krpec
Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Democracy in 2023: The Battle for Ukraine and Other Challenges
Mar 2
Joan Hoey
The Democracy Index, Economist Intelligence, UK
Our Experts
Raffaella A. Del Sarto

Academic Director, Master of Arts in International Affairs
Associate Professor of Middle East Studies
Professor Del Sarto focuses on the nexus between international relations and domestic politics in the Middle East, often in relation to the European Union, questions of borders and interdependence, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Mark Gilbert

C. Grove Haines Professor
Professor of History and International Studies
Professor Gilbert is a political historian. He writes on the contemporary history of Western European democracies and European integration. He teaches Peace and War and the Instability and Political Change in Consolidated Democracies.
Nina Hall

Assistant Professor of International Relations
Professor Hall’s core areas of expertise are: international organizations, transnational advocacy, climate adaptation, and global refugee governance. She also works with a global network of digital activists and writes on their distinctive mode of campaigning.
Erika Meucci

Lecturer in Mathematics
Professor Meucci’s area of expertise include statistical methods for business & economics and math for risk assessment.
Michael G. Plummer

Director, SAIS Europe
Eni Professor of International Economics
Professor Plummer is a leading expert on trans-Pacific economic relationships and on Asian economic development. His research centers on international integration and cooperation and his teaches courses on microeconomic risk and international trade.
Sergey Radchenko

Wilson E. Schmidt Distinguished Professor
Professor Radchenko has an international reputation for research on the history of the Cold War. His specialty areas also include Sino-Soviet relations, Soviet and Chinese foreign policies, Russian foreign policy, Russia-NATO relations, and atomic diplomacy.

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