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BIPR | Human Trafficking Initiative
Human Trafficking Initiative
Human Trafficking Initiative

Bridging the gap between academia and practice, the SAIS Europe Human Trafficking Initiative contributes to countering human trafficking, one of today's most challenging issues, by building an independent, analytical and knowledge-sharing platform for both practitioners and academics in Europe and beyond.

As a cutting edge research institution strategically located in one of Europe's main immigration entry points, SAIS Europe is uniquely positioned to host and run the HT Initiative which aims to help dynamic young leaders meet the most pressing challenges that human-trafficking presents.

The HT Initiative builds on SAIS Europe's know-how in this and related areas and also offers students the possibility to closely interact with experts in the field.

Daily Supervisors

Chair: Sara Pennicino

Adjunct Professor of International Law at SAIS Europe; Associate Professor of Comparative Public Law, University of Padua, Italy

Alexandra Malangone

Associate Fellow and coordinator of the Human Trafficking Initiative at SAIS Europe

Scientific Committee

Justin O. Frosini
Robert Abernethy Adjunct Professor at SAIS Europe; Director CCSDD

Obiora Okafor
Edward B. Burling Chair in International Law

Michael G. Plummer

Director, SAIS Europe; Eni Professor of International Economics

HTI Project Pillars
Pillar One: "The Hub"

Enhancement of practical real time multi-agency cross-border cooperation through an international platform for prosecutors, police, NGOs experts and institutional actors.

Collect, compile and share HT related information in a user-friendly format facilitating practitioners' Rapid Response. The aim is to provide analytical support based on Memoranda of understandings with institutional actors to formalize mutual cooperation with HTI. HTI aims to provide real-time transmission of such open-source analytical information.

Through workshops with field operators (including lawyers, prosecutors, judges, investigators and NGO workers) further dissemination of this knowledge in operational contexts will be ensured. Final documents will be disseminated through networking meetings as well as on the website.

Pillar Two: "Learning"

Create a Thematic Annual Learning Plan based on the analytical work conducted in the HUB and on the basis of needs assessment. The Plan will consist of two key areas of activity:
  1. sharing of best practice through networking meetings
  2. capacity building technical workshops for law enforcement, civil society and national authorities; staging of anti-trafficking simulations based on the OSCE model engaging SAIS students.
Training will support practitioners from the institutions mentioned above to:
  1. develop comprehensive assessment, analytical and investigation skills
  2. draw up safety plans and ameliorate assistance interventions;
  3. improve investigative and prosecution outcomes;
  4. improve dealing with trafficked persons as holders of rights ;
  5. improve cross-agency cooperation and coordination.
Learning Pillar Examples

Understanding Organized Crime in the Context of Ukrainian Conflict, War Crimes Investigations and Enhancing Multi-Agency Cooperation and Coordination
22-24 August 2022 | Košice, Slovakia

Slovak National Crime Agency and National Headquarters of Specific Crimes
"Financial Investigations in Combating Organized Crime"
STUDY VISIT | 19-21 October 2022 | SAIS Europe, Bologna

HTI Events @ SAIS Europe
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