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BIPR | The Human Trafficking Initiative Series – Technology-facilitated Child Abuse, Exploitation and Trafficking
The Human Trafficking Initiative Series – Technology-facilitated Child Abuse, Exploitation and Trafficking

April 8, 2024 - 18:30

Eva Veldhuizen-Ochodnicanova - Alexandra Malangone

Event Recap

The Human Trafficking Initiative Series – Technology-facilitated Child Abuse, Exploitation and Trafficking

hosted by Professor Sara Pennicino

Eva Veldhuizen-Ochodnicanova
Forensic Psychologist
Alexandra Malangone
Associate Fellow and Coordinator of the Human Trafficking Initiative, Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe

For further information on the Human Trafficking Initiative you can visit our website or contact


Eva Veldhuizen-Ochodnicanova is a forensic psychologist specializing in child sexual abuse and exploitation and trafficking in human beings. She consults for a number of international organizations and NGOs concerning the profiles and investigation of perpetrators and victims of sexual exploitation, with a particular focus on emerging forms of crime in the online environment. Her work has spanned organizations including UNODC, the International Criminal Court, INTERPOL, the European Commission, the OSCE, Council of Europe, the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. She is currently engaged as a technical advisor to the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, conducting a Europe-wide study of the lived experiences of victims of online grooming for the purpose of sexual abuse and exploitation. This year she has conducted trainings and workshops within Europe and Asia, on forensic interviewing of child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation.


Alexandra Malangone is a Slovak lawyer who has coordinated the CCSDD Human Trafficking Chapter since September 2020. In 2012 Malangone began working for the Human Rights League - a prominent Slovak NGO in the field of immigration and asylum law. She is one of the leading experts on issues relating to the protection of human rights of victims of trafficking in the country. From 2008-2016, she served as an independent national expert in the Council of Europe GRETA (Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings) and was a rapporteur for Denmark, Norway, Italy, Latvia, and Slovenia. From 2006 to 2009, she was at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime National Project Officer in Bratislava, Slovakia, heading the local UNODC office. Prior to this, she worked as a junior for the OSCE Special Representative and Coordinator on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings. Malangone graduated in International and European Law from Utrecht University and holds a Master's degree in International Cooperation and Development from the University of Pavia. In June 2016, she participated in a three-week International Visitor Leadership Programme on Human Trafficking, run by the US State Department. Malangone has most recently consulted for the OSCE OSR Office (simulation based training on combating human trafficking in mixed-migratory flows), OSCE/ODIHR (National Referral Mechanisms), the Council of Europe (Alternatives to Detention), UNODC Morocco (National Referral Mechanism in Morocco) and ECPAT Austria (Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults).
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